Winter Coding Ideas

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Are you looking for some winter coding ideas? I’m here for you with some great ideas related to the winter. Feeling cold looking at these, go back to the Summer ideas to dream about warmer weather and warm up here!

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Winter Coding Ideas for your children

Here’s some winter coding ideas to suggest to your children, divided into story, game and art sections with suggestions for doing them in Scratch, Python or JavaScript.

Winter Story

How about animating a story from your favourite winter activity, your favourite decorations or the best gift you ever received? 

See below link for an example project where we generate a random gift when the user clicks on the gift box. These videos were recorded in Loom, so the link will take you there.

Part 1: Surprise Link Part 1

Part 2: Surprise Link Part 2

Code a winter game

If you’d rather create a game, you could create one around your favourite holiday activity such as ice skating, skiing or visiting the beautifully decorated gift shops.

The picture below shows a skiing game in Scratch, with example code you can use.

Code a winter skiing game in Scratch

Skiing game in Scratch


Looking for art ideas instead? Create a collage or slide show of your favourite winter scenes, decorations or cosy clothes!

See the video below for painting a Christmas Tree sprite in Scratch



In Scratch, pick some sprites that are close enough to what you want. There are the snowman, snowflake, two different penguins, polar bear, gift, scarf, winter hat. Tip: take the crystal costume and turn it into icicles or add snow to the tree! How about using the music sprites to create your own winter themed music? A skiing game would be great to create in Scratch!


In Python, create a winter themed quiz, use the Pygame module to create a snowball throwing game or use Turtle and loops to create random snowflakes.


You could use JavaScript for a dynamic web page showcasing the best winter scenes, your favourite comfort food or a fun snowflake clicker game!


The short video below shows a how to make a fun snowman building animation in Scratch.


Above all else – have fun!

Hope you enjoyed these winter themed coding ideas, even though Spring is finally on the way in the UK!

Hope to hear from you soon with your plans, news and any questions.

Cheers Jan


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