Importance of Choices

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What’s your opinion about giving children and young people choices? Allowing them the opportunity to choose to do something, stop doing something or not do something at all?

In the video below, I read a little excerpt from a book by Nicole Bateman ‘My Child Has Exams, Now What?’. Available from Amazon. Prefer to read? I’ll post the transcript below the video.

Importance of choices

“Hiya Jan Watson coding tutor.

I wanted to read you a little bit of a book. It’s called ‘My Child Has Exams, Now What’ and it’s by Nicole Bateman. She says something in there about choices and it’s really close to my heart as a tutor and as a parent. So here goes

‘Empowering your child by offering choices is important. Choices can help your child feel more in control of their actions and emotions, which is helpful because sometimes anxiety or overwhelm can build up when we feel out of control in a situation.’

So at the weekend I was reminded of the fear of giving children and young people a choice. For instance, would they choose to go to school?

In my experience though, giving choices means that they are calmer, that they are able to make a proper decision, and one that serves them as well as us. For example, they choose to learn.

They might not necessarily still enjoy it, but if they’re given a choice of what to learn then they will engage in that learning”

I also believe that having choices from an early age encourages creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. All important skills for coding.



My opinion of the importance of offering our young people choices for their mental wellbeing, and encouraging other useful skills relevant for coding.


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