About Me

Hi I’m Jan

Originally from Redditch (near Birmingham) in the UK, I live in Swindon with my husband, step-daughter and twins aged 12.

The Story 

After completing GCSE’s and being fascinated by the way things worked and technology, I really wanted to become the first female engineer from my school! My focus was on Acoustics and going to Birmingham University to study.

The reality was that I was woefully unprepared for studying engineering. Since woodwork and technical drawing were not offered to girls back then, it was a distinct disadvantage in a group full of young men with those basic skills.

Dipping out of engineering, I increased my hours at the Supermarket and taught myself administration skills. A few years, several temporary admin jobs and a move to a different part of the country later, I was lucky to be working for a woman that saw something in me. This led to studying a degree at the University of Portsmouth in Business & Computer Studies and a career in Software Engineering.

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