Kids Coding Journal

A beautifully designed journal to boost your child’s digital creativity!

printed kids coding journal



kids coding journal flip through

This journal makes the perfect gift for children that enjoy playing computer games. They can use the knowledge they’ve gained from playing into creating their own and learn about coding at the same time!

The purpose of this journal is to encourage children to have a go with coding before going online.

With blank pages for drawing their own characters and scenes, plenty of space for designing their own programs, and Scratch code blocks to cut out and use.

You’ll find short descriptions of aspects of coding, a link to download a pdf of code blocks and a few examples of programs too.

You can use this journal as a standalone, offline notebook and there are example code blocks at the end of the journal that can be cut out and stuck in the relevant places.

You could also use this journal in combination with Scratch, jotting down your ideas and putting it into practice online.

Scratch is designed, developed and maintained by The Scratch Foundation. It is freely available online to all coders young and old! Go to to check it out.


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