If you’re considering engaging a tutor, you may be wondering about the cost involved. 

Hi I’m Jan, from Scoosh.

I offer 1:1 and group tuition in primary maths, English and coding, 11+ preparation, and early secondary maths and English tutoring both online and (after the pandemic) at the student’s home. For 1 to 1 tuition, I charge £20 per hour, small groups £10 per student. This cost is based on my skills and experience, while remaining affordable and providing valuable support for you and your child(ren).

Research suggest most tutors start at £25 per hour for 1:1, rising to £35 per hour for secondary level. Increasing further for niche or specialist subjects or for higher level exams.

The cost of 1:1 tuition can vary widely based on these factors:

  • The skill and the level of the skill being taught (difference between primary, secondary and University level tuition)
  • The experience and qualifications of the tutor (a University student will charge less than an experienced and qualified teacher)
  • Location (London based tutors can add £50 an hour)
  • Focused exam preparation

Tuition is the main part of my business, and the most rewarding – I love how great transformations come about by focusing on changing a student’s attitude to the subject.

”Maths is now her favourite subject – she dreaded it before your help!”


Covering maths, English and coding tuition, for nearly 2 years with a range of ages – from 5 to 14 years old. The skills and experience that have built up are varied to say the least! Between 2010 – 2018, working for Swindon libraries and as a volunteer encouraging children to read and code. Activities helping children in different situations such as:

  • Assisting in the primary classroom 
  • As a Brownie leader
  • As a Reading Helper in a local primary school
  • Storyteller (sometimes to an audience of 100)
  • As a Relax Kids coach
  • Coding Club leader
  • STEM Club leader
  • Science party presenter
  • Twins group leader

And as a mother to boy-girl twins! Going back further, I worked as a software developer after getting my degree at the age of 27. Throughout my life has been the fascination with how things (and humans) work and continued learning.

What resources are available?

You can find a glutton of resources out there, recently increased with BBC’s (Bitesize) and the Government’s (Oak Tree Academy) reaction to the pandemic. Besides those, here is a list of my favourite resources, in case you’d like to check them out.

Books – 

  • Exam board specific guides such as the CGP Study Guides.
  • Other guides such as the ‘Make It Easy…’ with age specific exercises
  • Carol Vorderman’s guides (‘Help Your Kids With…’)
  • Usborne and DK books on Coding, Space, Science

Worksheets and exercises – 

The Tuition Industry

Scoosh, currently consisting of one person, is based in Swindon. With a population of nearly 200K in a country of 66.6 million, it’s a very small part of the growing industry in private tuition. Tuition is unregulated, meaning the numbers of tutors are difficult to pin down, but estimates put private tuition as worth billions of pounds in the UK.

According to the Guardian, the industry is continuing to grow during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lessons and workshops moving online. Despite this, business for me and a lot of other tutors from the community are reporting a severe drop.

The fact is that most families are struggling themselves, with finances adversely impacted by this crisis. Some simply do not feel comfortable moving to online lessons. Additionally, an increase in the number of free resources available, means that maybe parents simply can’t justify private tuition at the moment. 

Why engage a tutor?

The reasons for engaging a tutor include:

  • Parents wishing to give their children an ‘edge’.
  • It’s a competitive world, and parents are ambitious for their children.
  • It’s seen as an investment in their child’s future where education is a priority.
  • Worries about schools increasingly limited resources, due to budget cuts.
  • Patching a gap in a child’s education.
  • Grammar school preparation.

The overarching feeling is wanting our children to have a good start in life.

This is why I became a tutor – to give students the best start in life, on top of their school education. 

The Future

Moving beyond this current pandemic, what is the future for private tuition? At first it felt like it would continue to increase, as parents struggle to keep up with working, parenting and teaching at home, but it may largely depend on what becomes the new normal.

To maintain social distancing, rumours are that a well known building society have started preparing for a limited occupancy in their buildings. If this is something the UK Government is considering for our schools, education may well be delivered in many different forms, with a greater emphasis on online teaching.

Whatever that means to me and my business, I am hoping that this situation brings about large scale educational reform, to better address the needs of every pupil and give all of our children better opportunities for their future. A lot of the families I’ve worked with have felt that their child has somehow ‘fallen through the cracks’ and ended up with a gap in their education. Technology has stepped up to meet current needs, I feel it is time for it to be a normal part of education.

Whatever your opinion, worry and/or suggestions, I would love to hear your thoughts and if I can help you in any way, contact me on jan@scoosh.live.

#staysafe #stayhome #protectthenhs

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